Saturday, June 20, 2015

Citizenship Week ~ Days 2 & 4

Even Citizenship Weeks include Stuff and Things days. The morning after the Big Event there was at least one thing done that every citizen understands: Meredith paid her quarterly estimated income tax. Yeah, it comes with the territory.
Saw this sign in Concord and knew it fit the week. Why? Because what David didn't yet know was that his gift from us was going to be a grill.

He had written to his brother-in-law that steak and hot dogs were America's true and amazing contribution to international cuisine. Little did he know when he wrote that that the grill would be delivered the day after he became a citizen.

The grill master and his first meal, chicken and veggies.

Another day a truck was rented, all the moving boxes were moved from the shed to the dump and a futon was bought so there would be something to sit on in the living room. While Meredith and mom (but mostly Meredith) put together the futon, David made another dump run ~

~ and while the futon was finished,

David made lunch.

One night he grilled lamb chops and zucchini, with a little couscous on the side.

All stuff and things days should end as deliciously as this one did!

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