Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Best Graduation Ceremony Ever

I have two college degrees. Rex had two degrees,  both ceremonies of which I attended. We have two daughters who both graduated from college. Rex also taught and was chaplain at a college so I attended a number of graduations because he wanted me there especially when as chaplain he had a prayer to give or something to say. Everyone of them was wonderful of course. Dean's family has a number of degrees scattered among them and one son-in-law is head soccer coach at a university. The point being, we had all attended a number of college graduations in our day. The vote was unanimous: we attended the Very Best graduation ceremony ever last month at San Diego State University.

Dean's granddaughter graduated from the honors program and was given a choice of three ceremonies to attend: one for just the honors program, one for her school and one for the whole university ~ or all of them if she wished. She chose the smaller one for the honors program so that the family could come and then go back home to have an afternoon of family visiting and a family dinner.

There were 9000 graduates at San Diego State that day and only 48 of them had finished the honors program. Forty-eight out of 9000 and our Kaitlyn was one of them. The room was set with tables of goodies down either side for the first 30 minutes and after. While we visited and took pictures there were huge tv screens showing pictures of the 48 during their four years in the honors program. Kaitlyn brought her cap and gown so we could take pictures ~ although for this ceremony they wore dress clothes with their honors medal around their necks.

With only 48 of them, as their names were called we were told a little about them and then what they would be doing next. This was an amazing bunch of kids. They were headed all over the world to jobs, graduate schools and traveling before making those decisions. Graduate schools included places like Chicago, Johns Hopkins and Kaitlyn's Germany. One young man was returning home to Africa to become involved in his country's politics. We were able to learn all of this because they were 48 out of 9000. This was a very special ceremony for a very special group of students ~ the best graduation ceremony ever.

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