Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Good Change of Heart

I’ve been thinking about Daddy a lot these days with all the conversation about race and the need for conversation about race. I think being born and raised in Maryland was good for Daddy in that regard. He may have been against integration early on but he changed his mind for whatever reason and that was good both for him, me, TCU and the Petroleum Club in Dallas. Someone said to me that Daddy changed his mind because he knew integration was coming and where he had influence, he wanted it to happen easily and lawfully. Maybe so - ok, what’s wrong with that. Because of his stance, TCU was integrated. Because of his stance, The Petroleum Club in Dallas was integrated. And I don’t believe it was just his mind that changed. I believe his heart did as well. I remember saying that he needed to work to allow women into the main dining room at the Petroleum Club. “ Don’t rush me, Susan. I just got blacks admitted to the membership. Give me a breather before I start on the women.” He got there too though. A change of mind and heart is a good thing and should not be questioned too closely if it proves in action and not just word to be an honest change. 


Ed Coble said...

Change of mind AND heart: the real meaning of biblical repentance. Thanks for sharing this remembrance and assessment.

Tahoe Mom said...

Ed, you are welcome! And thanks for your definition. I hadn't thought of it that way and he certainly lived what he taught to his Sunday School class for 51 years.