Saturday, May 30, 2015

Internal Operations

New kitchen counter tops and built in appliances. Love it!! I've said that before. So ~ I am using my new kitchen outsides as an excuse to delve into my kitchen insides and clear and clean cabinets. And it is necessary to do that chore while I have still have the energy and excitement ergo the motivation around my "new" kitchen because as soon as it becomes my regular ordinary every day kitchen, the job won't get done.

I am allowing my self time. It can take as long as it takes. This morning a chunk of it happened and it feels so good. Bring out the questionable objects and put them on carts on the deck. Together we will make a decision about what is thrown, what is donated and what goes into the camper. The things that are used regularly and I know I want to keep will be left in place. Once there are empty spaces, those things will be moved into more convenient places. I'm pleased with the progress so far.

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