Sunday, June 7, 2015

We Were Determined

Friday the deck furniture came up from under the house and the deck was set for summer. Saturday our next door neighbor said she had some scallops she would bring over for Dean to grill ~ with salad and rice, the perfect light summer meal to open deck activities at our house. And then it started to rain.

Although it has been raining off and on during May, we are still not complacent about water and are grateful for every precious drop. Besides, it doesn't rain much or for very long. So we had drinks and Dean would say, let's wait another five minutes, the sun is coming. The sun would come, we would head for the deck and the rain would start again. Finally the sun stayed around long enough to get the scallops started, but not long enough to finish them.

So the intrepid cooks grilled in the rain.

Dean wanted to make sure I had a picture of the scallops.

We lit a fire, pulled it over next to the table which is under the eaves and sat down to a delicious dry dinner in the rain. The fire kept us warm and about half way through the meal, the sun came out again. Our determination paid off: dinner on the deck.
I don't believe Dean has Ever had to hold off grilling because of rain. Later in the evening we had thunder and lightning and about 10 minutes of drumming rain before the skies cleared, stars shown and the morning blue is with us. For all of it we are grateful.

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