Friday, June 26, 2015

New Interest - or Hobby - or Something

I'm not sure how "new" the hobby or interest is. I have after all been coloring inside the lines since I was three. This is adult coloring though. During Citizenship Week, we went to a book store and a couple of art stores and voila! There was a book of mandalas to color. I have created mandalas. I have colored mandalas. Never have I seen a mandala coloring book ~ and there it was ~ and it was crying out to me "you want me! You want me!" For some reason it was absolutely essential that I have the book and pens with which to color in the wonderful designs.

This first one was little (a quarter page) and created on the long plane ride home. If you look closely, you can see the times the ride got bumpy or we hit an air pocket. Nevertheless, I knew I had found my fun for a while. 

Although I am not creating the mandala itself, I am having a wonderful time deciding and applying colors. Sometimes the activity becomes meditative. Other times, it is coloring. It can go fast or slow. I can know instantly what it will look like or need to do one color at a time and then let it sit while I do other things before returning in a knowing mood.

This one even got named: Incan Sun Burst

This is one that went slowly. After I had done the red, I thought of leaving it.
Then I added the green and yellow and thought of leaving it.

It finally ended up complete and I am very pleased.

I have learned to be patient with them. I have been reminded of my creative process: give it time, breathe, it will come. I am thoroughly enjoying my time spent coloring. I am always amazed at what emerges from the pens I pick up. 

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