Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Not Me Any More!

 I have always been an early riser. Usually up with the sun but up before the sun in the winter. When I was in my 30s and 40s, I would hop out of bed at 6 and was meeting Anne for a 3-mile walk at 6:30. Energy galore. After all, it was morning. Not so any more. 

The other day Dean and I walked the loop from 8 to 9 and it was lovely. In the process, Dean said if I wanted to do that from 7 to 8 we could every day and then I could go on to gym for other exercises. That sounded lovely and I was ready!! Until it came time to do it this morning. I slept really well last night and woke comfortably at 6 ~ and didn’t want to pop out of bed. I just wanted to lie there and enjoy the feel of the bed. Then when I did get up, I didn’t want to hurry. Dress, unload the dishwasher, feed the dog, have breakfast, sit at my computer with my cup of tea. Be ready to go by eight. Whether that somewhere will be gym only, hike only, or a combination, who knows right now? 

What I do know is: popping out of bed is not my idea of fun anymore. I will give into the energy age allows me and rise in a more stately fashion before heading for gym or the hiking trail. It’s all ok. 

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