Friday, June 2, 2017

Strange Sensation

Oso and I are on a striding walk up the trail behind the house. Suddenly Oso stops. Freezes. Does Not Move. Head’s up - focus is into the woods. Very intense. I stop behind him of course and we wait. 

Suddenly he whirls around and bolts toward home. In all honesty, I am just spooked enough in the woods by myself anyway that with one more look into the woods (where I have seen and heard Nothing), I turn and follow him. I walk down hill toward home very aware of my back with my ears focused up the hill. 

Of course nothing is following us. Who knows what was there? And my dear dog is woods wise enough that I trust him to come home if there’s a problem. After all if it had been a bear, he would have barked and run toward it. Worse than a bear? Or just a figment of Oso’s imagination? I’ll never know. We both made the right decision though. Welcome home. 

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