Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sometimes Tradition is Best

We have this new Ninja blender. Huge blades. Looks like it could chip a tree. Dean makes smoothies for lunch everyday. And that should have warned me. His smoothies aren't really smooth.

We bought some lovely apples at a good market on the way home the other day. I decided with the new blender, I could make applesauce faster. Maybe it could made straight in the blender. No such luck. I blended some chopped apples with a little water, and blended, and blended and blended. Used several different settings. The applesauce appeared but it was thicker and not as smooth as I like. Ergo - back to cooking the apples first and letting them cool and then blending. I'm sure that will work. And . . . cooking sure does make the kitchen smell good. Mmmmmm - applesauce.

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