Monday, June 12, 2017

Tea - or Not

I was so excited. About four years ago I had given a tea and invited a mother and daughter who at the time was twelve. Now at 16, the daughter remembered that and asked would it be possible for me to do tea again for her and her best friend who is moving once school is out. Both moms were invited as well. School was out at 2:30 and so they were expected at three.

The table was set and ready for their arrival. Except they didn't arrive. 
I texted and called but neither were answered - nor received I learned later. 

About 4 I saw Pam, my neighbor, walking her dogs and called to her to come
have tea. Egg salad, cucumber, smoked gouda sandwiches.

Scones with butter and strawberry jam and Lady Grey tea.

Pam dropped the dogs off at home and came up to visit and
have tea. The sweet tray consisted of brownies, lemon squares, and 
homemade cookies. Pam and I had a lovely time and a lovely tea.

Now I won't leave you wondering. The mother, my friend, was stuck in Sacramento because of the snow on the mountain. She decided to wait until it had cleared to come back today. No one contacted her to ask. It wasn't until she had been home about an hour that she was asked, "What about your tea party this afternoon?"
She called immediately of course and apologized profusely.


Mike Christie said...

You had your tea anyway, which was nice. I feel bad for the daughter and her friend who missed the tea they requested.

Tahoe Mom said...

I do too, Mike. And if they didn't remember it to call mom and say, don't forget - well, it happens. This is one of those times when I don't like myself and the way I feel. Which is why I am glad she called and we could put it behind us and move on.