Friday, June 30, 2017

An Unexpected Blessing

I knew today was Salvador’s last day as grounds-keeper at the condos. When I saw him, I stuck out my hand, he shook it, and then he hugged me! He hugged me. 

He and I have absolutely nothing in common. I have always waved at him as I drove by and he was working. Once I started my parking lot walks, I would stop for a chat and those led to stories about his family. I was especially concerned several months ago when he told me he was going to Mexico. It was at the beginning of the travel ban and I was concerned that even though an American citizen now, he might not be let back in the country. He didn’t think there would be a problem as he had traveled to and from Reno a number of times. Things were different though so I was concerned and expressed that. We decry the fact that people do not fasten the locks on the dumpsters well and so bears still get in and make a mess that he has to clean up. And so today, on his retirement day, standing over a pile of garbage that someone (in spite of all the written warnings) had left hanging on the outside of the dumpster because they couldn’t be bothered to push it down into an already overloaded dumpster and lock the lock, we shook hands and hugged. I will miss him. Have a good life, sir. You have been a blessing. 

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