Thursday, June 29, 2017

Not A Child

Today I have read two articles that describe Donald Trump as a child. My friend and former pastor, David Edwards, had this to say about that phenomenon. I quote with his permission:  “I have spent a lot of time being with children, as a pastor, father, and earlier in life, as a nurses’ aide in a children's hospital. Children act like, well, children, the way they are supposed to be. To compare them to adult behavior in some kind of demeaning way does not make any sense. . . “ 

I agree with David. As the grandmother of thirteen, I am watching “children” from ages 1 1/2 to 26 growing into mature responsible people. The little one is still at the age when he is perfectly present in the moment. He does not worry about the moment before or the moment to come. The older ones are learning all sorts of behavior like compassion, sharing, listening, being the best they can be in their situation. And along the way they act like the children they are and are supposed to be. By the time they are adults (as several of them are already), they will have the skills and knowledge to function in the adult world. 

They will know how to take responsibility for their mistakes and how to praise those around them who do well. I love all of my grandchildren and am proud of their place in the world no matter what their ages. It is time to stop comparing Trump to a child. 

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