Saturday, June 17, 2017

Joshua's Graduation

It was a hot day on a football field in Ashland OR for Southern Oregon University's 2017 graduation ceremony. 
We took chairs and sat on the grass and from our perspective, all we knew was that Joshua was out there somewhere in section C. The band played Pomp and Circumstance forever. A music major sang The Star Spangled Banner (very well) and finally the ceremony began.

If you were there only for your brother's graduation, you hid in a corner by a cement tower that gave a little shade.

My view most of the time I was sitting in my chair. And I was very grateful for a chair.

Finally, however, Joshua approached the stage. Unfortunately Dean's zoom lens was not working so my iPhone pictures of Joshua, as close up as I could make them, are a little fuzzy. There he is though waving at us and glad we are there for him. I laughed with the woman next to me and said, "I'll cheer for yours if you cheer for mine." Well she took me seriously and gathered her family, and Joshua and later Austin received larger celebratory whoops than either expected.

Proud Marc looks on while I take Joshua's picture. The heat had been rather overwhelming so he had quickly unzipped his robe. I was so grateful to be dressed in light flowing pants and a T-shirt instead of robes originally designed to be warm in the cold medieval cathedrals of northern Europe.

After a huge hug, he had some brotherly advice for Akira. The main thing I heard was, 
"It is possible. It can be done!"

Does a hug with mom need any explanation?

Even in the heat, he had not heard the word to switch over his tassel. That came right at the end of the ceremony. He was still in the stadium though and able to do it. 

Fiance' Samantha is So Proud of him. It was not always an easy road for Joshua and he made it! More pictures will follow after the bar-b-cue at Sam's folks' house this evening. For now, grandson Joshua had graduated with a BA in English and Writing. Congratulations, Joshua!

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