Sunday, June 18, 2017

Joshua's Graduation Continued

Joshua's hot graduation day continued in the cool shade of Sam's parents' home where a wonderful feast was spread for us. It was so very nice to have a comfortable place to sit as a family and visit and share memories and celebrate Joshua.

Joshua and Grandpa have big smiles after Joshua has told us that he has a supervisory position at one of the nicer hotels in town beginning tomorrow. The position had been open for a while. He applied, they interviewed him and 48 hours later called him back with a job offer. That news made graduation day even more special. 

Joshua and sister Trinity.

Wow - Trinity is as tall as Akira - 

oh - no she's not. She's standing on the toe of his boot! 

Marc is a happy dad. It has been a long ride from the day he rode the school bus with Joshua on the first day of kindergarten. The journey continues of course and for now, the school part of it is over. 

It was Joshua's day, and we have to raise a glass to Michelle and Marc who loved and encouraged, taught and disciplined, offered wisdom, compassion and kindness and were and are Wonderful parents to this wonderful man.

Sam's father Bruce grilled a Huge platter of steak which we devoured along with appetizers, roasted veggies, salad and yummy chocolate cake.

Sam was such an encouragement to Joshua. They agree it was a good thing they graduated at different years. Last year it was Sam who was going crazy at the end of school and Joshua who offered the anchor and support. This year it was reversed as Sam helped him surmount some writer's block and finish those papers. Hurray to them both!

And I guess this says it all: We love you, Joshua! Blessings on the next stage of your journey!

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