Sunday, May 28, 2017


  1. Applesauce: having been sad for almost a year that my homemade applesauce was gone and I had not made anymore, Dean found two little containers in the garage freezer. Yay!! So good on my toast this morning. 
  2. About two weeks ago I posted  on FB that I had washed my puffy vest for the last time this season and put it away. Nope. A light weight puffy vest is a year ‘round garment in Tahoe. I continue to wear it on my morning walk and sometimes even up into the morning. Perfect. 
  3. It would be nice if the DMV could organize their records so that all our registrations came due at the same time. As it is, the camper update arrived at the same time the request for the Honda’s renewal. It won’t be long after that is paid that the request for the Buick will arrive. 
  4. Stage managing the River Breakfast again this year, a one hour production of incredible timing. Just a little worried about the presenter who refuses a script although she will work from an outline. I may have to cut her mike. oops. I’ll let you know. The other option is that she has rehearsed enough that she has it down to her allotted five minutes. 


Mike Christie said...

On that last item: You can take the woman out of the theater, but... :-)

Tahoe Mom said...

Oh, Mike, you have no idea. I'm in a bit of a pet this morning because yesterday I was not allowed to do the job I was recruited to do. I think it was because they just didn't realize they had that option so I'm not taking it personally - but I am taking it professionally!!! LOL.