Saturday, July 8, 2017

Oso Has Company

I have learned over the years that when you are visiting with younger grands, you do may take as many pictures as you like but posting them in real time is out. So here you have some chapters in our last week when Precious and Little Man visited Tahoe.

Chapter One: Captivated by Oso
Oso was the immediate attraction as soon as they arrived. 

Little Man was fascinated even though he looks blasé' in this picture.

Oso made a great chair - just the right size.

Our boy was very patient. 

Conversations were often held at Oso's level.

It takes a while to learn to be gentle with an animal. 
Oso was a good trainer being both patient and gentle himself.

As the week went on, Oso began to ask for some relief.

Little Man loved his grandpa too and enjoyed going places with him although Oso wasn't so sure he liked the idea. He made it through the week though and was the wonderful dog we have always known him to be. 

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