Monday, March 27, 2017

Truth in Reporting

Last week was National Book Week and on FB we went to page 57 of the book nearest us and copied out sentence 5 and posted it. It was funny. As my kindle was there and I was reading a mystery, my sentence was “Get him back here, Emma.” Other friends were obviously reading much more intellectual books because some of the sentences were long, involved and really thoughtful sentences. I laughed at myself and let it go. And then this morning, at the end of my mystery, Emma, a small town newspaper publisher had this to say:

“. . . maybe a lot of other people might not like what they were going to read, but truth has a way of triumphing over human beings’ petty emotions. Usually.”

A very appropriate and hopeful thought in this time when government is trying its best to discredit what media is saying and the media is finally coming back to its own by trying to publish the truth and some real facts instead of the alternative facts which the government is trying to get us to believe.

Thank you, Emma Lord, in Alpine Advocate, pg, 232 by Mary Daheim.

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