Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lent 2

Yesterday I decided to post my journal entry and just let it be that. This morning I should probably give some credit where it is due. My church in VA has available for Lenten study: Thy Will Be Done: Daily Prayers for Lent by Justin Rossow. I will be taking my Lenten meditations from the prayers in this book. 

The prayer this morning is based on Abraham’s readiness to follow God’s will by sacrificing Isaac. Part of the prayer says “shape my trust in your promises, that I might rely on your Word even when my world is difficult to understand.” What a prayer for today’s world. 

I return to yesterday’s blog where I quoted the Sikh prayer that today’s darkness might be the darkness of the womb before birth into the Light. Right now my world is just difficult for me to understand and so I am grateful for ordinary, understandable life. 

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