Friday, March 24, 2017

Weather Watching

I’ve become rather fascinated with the science of weather watching. I think it comes because I check a weather app or two before ever getting out of bed in the morning. 6 am cloudy, 7 am snow. Look out the window at 6:58 and it is indeed cloudy. Look again at 7:02 and the snow is falling. Check the radar map, Tahoe City is under clear skies - until after 7 when the blue snow indicator has moved to cover the town. The winter weather advisory even tells us when the snow is 7000 ft and above or drops to lake level. Our house is at 6500 ft. so we are right on the cusp of those changes. All this is fascinating. Of course it is also frustrating as I am tired of snow and ready for the skies to clear, the temperature to rise, the snow to melt and it to be spring. 

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