Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lent 11

O God of peace, give me a strong sense of my connection to others on this journey of faith.

This is so important in these days. The journey of faith is not just the Christian faith, however. I immediately thought of so many people who, because of their faith, are doing wonderful things with and for each other. Christians, Muslims, Jews and even people who say they have no faith in the Divine but do have faith in compassion, caring, love and light ~ all are stepping up as part of a faith resistance to today’s political situation. 

Small acts of kindness across faith borders abound: Muslims who opened their mosque to evacuees from flood threats in northern California; Christians who surround a synagogue on which has been painted ugly, hateful words and symbols; lawyers of all faiths and beliefs who rush to airports to help Muslims with the legal ramifications of travel bans because they also have faith in the Constitution. 

I know this prayer was written about the Christian journey of faith through Lent and today faith is about so much more. Any of us who have faith that Love and Light will conquer hate and darkness are on this journey together. Blessed be, blessed be. 

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