Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blessed Discovery

About three weeks ago, I started walking around the parking lot that winds through the condos in front of our house. I've not really done that before. Usually we are in the car because we walk out back on forest trails or snowshoeing. I was tired of all the snow and the logistics of snowshoeing so I started walking laps in the parking lot. There was still a lot of snow in front of the houses. 

This morning, however, enough snow had melted that I saw for the first time, this peaceful little Buddha sitting calmly in my neighbor's flower bed. You can see there is still snow behind him. I stopped and felt immediately blessed. Next time around, I took this picture to share with you. 

In spite of all the weather and hectic life and political turmoil, both in snow and out, this little Buddha has been sitting there offering a peaceful blessing to all who pass. I didn't know it, and now I do and even when I drive by, already pushing the button to open my garage door, I will know he is there and feel the blessing that comes my way and maybe breathe a little easier. May you feel blessed in his presence too. 


Mike Christie said...

I love it! Thank you for that.

Tahoe Mom said...

I love it too ~ and we can both thank Eric and Ingrid. 😊