Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lent 7

Sorry - I didn't get an email yesterday so not sure what happened to Lent 6. Lent 5 would have been a Sunday. Anyway - here is today's reflection:

Today’s prayer refers to the belief that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with God. I’m not sure if I believe this is the job of the Spirit or not. What I did appreciate in the prayer was that the Spirit is bringing my life and God’s will “together in a moment of grace.” I’m a great believer in grace, that indefinable something that moves from God to us and helps us move through the world centered and at peace. At least that is how I see grace. 

And I am always grateful for those moments of grace when I know I am in and with the Spirit. 


Mike Christie said...

I love that definition of grace!

Tahoe Mom said...