Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sour Cream Pound Cake

Forty-seven years ago I was living in Denver, the mile high city, when my Aunt Lalah from North Carolina came to visit. She was going to bake her sour cream pound cake for dessert. I had not lived in Denver long enough to understand how to change a recipe for high altitude baking and so Aunt Lalah's cake fell, a first for her. She was as crushed as the cake although it still tasted great. Because I have never done well with cakes, I never tried the cake and now of course I live at an altitude even higher than Denver's mile. I had sent the recipe to Michelle and requested that during my trip, she make Aunt Lalah's sour cream pound cake and so she did.

With careful help from Owlet of course.

The batter is rich and thick.

No falling here.

The chef and her success

She put it in a decorative bundt pan - wow!

Cutting into it, hoping the family likes it.
And they did! With fruit and whipped cream. 
Plain. Toasted for breakfast. With ice cream.
I have told Michelle that if she is coming to see me, she may bring one with her. And I may take the recipe to a baker I know here and ask her how to adjust it for altitude. This is Way too good to leave the recipe in a file for another 47 years.

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