Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Final Kitchen Blog

Well, here it is, folks. The kitchen is done until Dean gets the pine cut and prepared for the other two counter tops. We are both so excited. Kitchen technology has certainly improved since our kitchen was built almost 30 years ago.

So here's the sink. On our left, a hot water on demand faucet. Tea whenever we want it.
The main water faucet has a motion sensor. Put your hand over the top, the water comes out and stays on until you put your hand back. Put something under the faucet (say a bowl of salad greens or glass to be filled), the water comes on and stays on until you move the bowl or glass. It also has a spray.
Which brings us to the disposal which you cannot see, but trust me is there. We bought the top of the line InSinkerator. Wow. Given the picture on the side of the box, the first thing I put in it was a banana peel. Whoosh. Gone. Dean has put cherry pits down it. Whoosh. Gone. And the whoosh is so silent you almost can't hear it. Wow. I'm loving my sink.

Cook top. Induction cooking. Amazing. Heat goes up or down in 1/2 steps (1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 etc). I have found out steaming green beans that once the water is boiling, 7 1/2 turns off the boil, 8 leaves it on a low boil. It is faster and more precise than gas. I'm going to love this control. It also has a Lock that you can turn on so that while cleaning the stove top, there is no chance of accidentally turning it on. Now you know about my kitchen ~ unless something more amazing happens, your next kitchen up date will be when Dean has the other counters ready for installation. For a non-cook, I certainly am happy with this stove top. 


Mike Christie said...

How. Very. Cool.

Tahoe Mom said...

It is, Mike. Did you see the comment on FB that it looks too cool for food prep. I do want to just look at before going out to eat. And, already the fast induction cooktop and the amazing disposal are part of our routine. I may actually start cooking again. ~ Naw, not gonna happen. :D