Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ashland Adventure

Intrepid adventurers we.  Owlet wanted to show us The Pond so on a lovely Sunday afternoon, Puck and I joined her on a hike to who knew where. Owlet did. And as she is a navigator par excellence, we set off behind our parasol waving guide to find The Pond. 

The Pond had lovely views and was much bigger than either Puck or I imagined a pond to be.

Across the bridge and back again. 
On the way back up the hill we discovered a very nice man working in his yard.
We asked if his watering hose might offer up a water bottle full of the wet stuff
so we might continue on our way with ease. He was very gracious and filled up
our bottle. It was a lovely trip and Owlet was able to show off The Pond.

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