Saturday, May 23, 2015

And So It Continues

You saw all the cleared counters in the last blog. Counters cleared and we left home.

We came home to this: our kitchen wrapped in plastic
to contain the dust . . .

. . . and tile and plywood removed.

The first granite top is finally installed.

Carlos and Jose spent a long day installing. First of all Jose wasn't even supposed to be on this job. He came at the last minute when Buddy's wife went into labor 3 weeks early.
The pipes needed moving around so I made a rather frantic call to a plumber and Jonas arrived, very efficient and professional, so the sink could be installed. 

And here it is - our new kitchen counters - 

Very beautiful and totally unusable until Tuesday when everyone returns from their 3 day weekend and can install the stove top and the sink with faucet, disposal and hot water dispenser. If I had been told the appliances couldn't be installed until 24 hours after the granite, I wouldn't have set the time on a Friday before a long weekend. Oh well. All I can do is laugh and be graceful and stand and look at my lovely, lovely new kitchen counters. Now if there was just a way to keep them as uncluttered as they are in these pictures, but I guess I will have to bring more appliances off the dining table and tuck them into their corners again. For now I am enjoying the look if not the use. The counters are not totally done: Dean is creating the tops for the island and the section above the cook top. They will be beautiful wood, sanded and polished in his shop. That's for another day very soon. 


Mike Christie said...

Beautiful! I certainly miss our remodeled kitchen. (Though the galley layout of our new kitchen means Terry and I can work in it at the same time without running into each other. That's a plus.) Given that our remodel took three months, the time it's taking you to get a functional kitchen is hardly anything at all. Enjoy it!

Tahoe Mom said...

Well, we really didn't remodel, just replaced counter tops and added new appliances. On the other hand, we ordered everything in January so it took about 4 months for everything to arrive and be installed. As you can read in another blog, it is done and we are indeed enjoying it.