Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where Did It Go?

Well, they are gone. And the summer of the revolving guest room doors is over. We have shared our space many times this summer and every stay has been fun. We have had tiny ones, grandparent ones, families, older couples, and ending with our competent young couple who not only knew to get off the lake in a thunder storm but also hiked and kayaked on another perfect summer day in Tahoe. 

Gill arrives from Wales two weeks from today. Her trip has evolved into an every two year event, “normal” as it were, and because she stays for two weeks it is not quite the frantic, “see and do everything Tahoe has to offer in two days” trip that some of our guests have experienced this year. We will even take a road trip to Ashland during her stay in the states to show her more of our northwest. 

For now the house is quiet except for the sound of the washing machine. Dean is in the office in a meeting. Benjamin is moving sand and rock around the patio-to-be between house and office. I am breathing and not having to think of adventures to suggest. All is well as summer draws to a close and the guest room doors stop revolving. 

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