Thursday, August 14, 2014

Late Night Reading

Middle of the night and I am awake and have just read through the first year of my blog (2008). It is interesting to look back at what I wrote, what was important, what attracted my attention, and all that I have forgotten I had said. 

There are reminders of my grands when they were much younger than they are now. Blessed memories painted with the loving brush of a grandmother’s words. 

There was Obama’s first election and the making of history. 

There are many memories of place: a first winter storm; the smell of wet pines; sunrises and sunsets and the canopy of stars that sweep across our mountain sky, visible because we have no ambient light. 

There are some vague references to an unrecorded event which stirred emotion deep within me and now I read the emotional words with no idea of the event itself. 

And there are blessings. I ended every post with the word blessings ~ blessings to my readers in hopes that they would be aware of all the blessings that were theirs that day. At some point I got away from doing that on a regular basis. Time to start again, and so I end this blog as I began ~ with blessings for your day

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