Saturday, August 16, 2014

What a Concept!

Wow. Having something catered makes all the difference in the world. Now, I have had things catered before. During Dean’s meetings, I will sometimes pick up a tray of sandwiches for lunch. On a couple of occasions. I have ordered from our favorite Mexican restaurant and picked up from them. Tonight seems different somehow. 

We are having Dean’s company party, an end of the summer event that he likes to host to honor the hard work of his really wonderful team. Two weeks ago a neighbor had a huge family reunion and we offered our deck for their main dinner. She had barbecue brought in from a new place in town. So easy. And about three days later, Dean suggested we do the same for the dinner tonight. 

So here it is, 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning before having 20 people for dinner and I am done. The few serving pieces we will use are out and labeled. Tea is made. Cheeses for appetizers are here. Dean needs to blow the pine needles off the deck. The tops of everything are clear and clean. Tables and chairs are in place. Dean is picking up ice and the desserts on his way home from yard sale shopping. Tonight we feast in our own home and I don’t have to turn a hand in the kitchen. Incredible. 

OK - so that my daughters don’t worry: yes, my delightful Ms. B is coming about three and we will put out plates, silverware, etc. We will arrange appetizers, and set the deck so that when the first person arrives, they are greeted gracefully. Sure, there is still little stuff to do. I will think of this, that and the other throughout the day. And - the food will be delivered at six and we will feast and I will enjoy my own party without having been in the kitchen all day. ~ with blessings

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