Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Am Who I Am

 It is strange how often (even at my age) I “run home to mama”. Meaning in my family tradition, I become a stage manager again even when I am not back stage. Dean and I attended his fly fishing club barbecue yesterday. He had said we would come early and help set up. When Carolyn told me the way the food would be organized but she would not be around as her job was at the ticket table, I took over. It took some doing to work out exactly what the man in charge (ie, the director) wanted but once I understood, I sent him on his way. After all it had become my stage now. When some of the women serving were wondering how to manage the salad, I said, “here’s what we will do” and laid out a plan that worked perfectly. When the director was cutting bread and started to drift, I said, “Keep slicing” - to which he replied, “You’re going to keep me focused, aren’t you?” Yes, I am — that’s my job and has been for years: keep the director focused. 

When I was asked how I learned to be so organized, I said that I was a stage manager. Of course. Organize, delegate, make rather quick decisions and keep your eye on the duct tape. Hey, I can still do the job even when it’s in the park. And looked on as strike, clean up even becomes easy. It was a fun day and I enjoyed it. After all, Stage Manager is not just what I do. It is also who I am. 

Briefing some of my "crew"

"Chicken or salmon?" Everyone had their job to do. 


Mike Christie said...

"Organize, delegate, make rather quick decisions and keep your eye on the duct tape." I love that. I'll need to use that myself, with proper credit, of course. Really, that's what the job of a Web content manager is about as well.

Tahoe Mom said...

Even the duct tape part? How interesting. The man in charge was looking around frantically. I asked what he was looking for. The tape. It's right there. I had noticed it's location and registered it without even realizing it until I was asked for it. Then I just knew. Of course back stage it would have been worn as a bracelet around my arm. :)

Mike Christie said...

Metaphorical duct tape. I have used lots of Web and HTML virtual duct tape in that job. Lots. :-)