Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer in Ashland

While Dean is fly fishing at 12,000 feet in the Golden Trout Wilderness, I am visiting grands in Ashland, continuing to sleep in a real bed, and shopping ~ wow, did we shop. It is after all August and although school starts the day after Labor Day, it is time to shop. Legs have grown too tall for jeans, arms too long for sleeves, and feet too big for shoes that have worn out from all the outdoor play time anyway. So off we went to the mall where we spent a day, shopping, eating, shopping, and, once in a while, just hanging out waiting for the other shoppers.

Swimsuit for the rest of the summer

New shorts and a new book. And lots and lots of jeans 
for school. 

A day at the mall followed by a rousing Jenga tournament.

And in the end, Trinity won as dad's careful attempt brought the tower tumbling down. 

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