Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's Saturday

Sometimes (like this morning) something wakes me between 4:30 and 5. Oso barks, Dean turns over harder than usual, I have to go to the bathroom. Whatever the reason, I am awake and as I begin to go back to sleep, I realize, it is Saturday. 

I don’t have to get up. I can lie here and enjoy the feel of the sheets, the warmth of the bed, the sheer enjoyment of being. Gym isn’t open. Appointments are mid-week. It’s Saturday. Ahhhhh . . . 

Now of course I will get up. There are the little chores: the dishwasher doesn’t unload itself. Oso is smart but has yet to figure out how to open the back door or scoop out his food. The day is asking to be enjoyed. Hiking trails call. Scurrying critters demand to be watched and appreciated. The brain creates writing projects and books are just itching to be opened and read. And all of it can be on my time schedule. It’s Saturday . . . and I am grateful. ~ with blessings


Phil Miller said...

And to complicate matters further, it's a holiday weekend! Oh, the challenges of retirement.

Tahoe Mom said...

You got it, Phil! And it really has been a busy, busy summer. Dean of course is not retired so he is out doing projects he doesn't have time to do during the week. Me? I'm hanging out 'cause it's Saturday! :)