Friday, July 11, 2014

A Moment in Time

The lobby of a busy big city hotel can be an amazing study in people watching. I took my Chai Latte Vente and settled down to sip and read. Except I never even opened my book. The lobby looked like a hive of busy insects with all the little black coated folks moving purposefully to and fro. Up the escalator, down the escalator, hardly standing still long enough to make it through the Starbucks line. Many had cell phones to their ears even while carrying on a conversation with a visible person. Many, if not all, carried cases of some kind, most of the size that probably had computer inside. No one strolled. They all moved with great energy and purpose as if the place they were headed was the most important place in the world even it was only the grill upstairs for breakfast. Of course an important meeting would happen once the eggs were ordered.

A dad in a baseball cap and sneakers walked through with his little girl who was about 6 and even she was moving with purpose holding as tightly to her juice as any executive to his coffee. Colors are not in abundance. Almost everyone in the conference is in a black suit of some kind. I am too. Not that I don’t have other clothes with me, it is just that the San Francisco wind is causing outside to be just a tad chilly and my black slacks and jacket are perfect for walking around the city. Unfortunately it makes me look like everyone else, a trait I do not encourage on my person. Anyway - interesting morning watching the world swarm around me. 

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