Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Cop Knows HIs Beat

After going to the bank (some time even in San Francisco one has to be prosaic), I came out wondering where I might have lunch. Who knows the streets of his town better than a cop? So I stopped by the one outside the bank and asked where I might get a nice soup and salad lunch. He and his buddy (a guy in a Chicago sweatshirt to whom he was talking) both say together, “Boudin’s”. They gave me directions, assured me the little bakery had delicious soups and salads and off I went. 

Sure enough there it was, tucked in a busy block, a few tables outside, long and narrow inside, and a tiny little counter ~ and the most delicious cheese and broccoli soup and Caesar salad with a crusty sourdough roll. I would have been very happy to use up all my calories for the day in that one little spot. The cookies and other dessert goodies looked lovely. I was happy with my soup and salad though. Yummy. If you want to know where to eat in a big city, ask the cop on the beat. He knows.  

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