Monday, July 14, 2014

My Latest Kitchen Gadget

This, my friends, is a Yonana. It is a small appliance made by Dole probably to encourage the sale of bananas (note name) and to bring pleasure to all of us who love frozen desserts and would rather forego the calories. You can find it on line.

If you want your dessert creamy (as in ice cream), you add the banana. If you are happy with 
the flavor of fresh peaches or strawberries, you add frozen peaches or strawberries. 
Seriously, that is all you add, frozen fruit.

The frozen fruit comes out in little ribbons.

You stir it around and Voila! peach sorbet ~ with all the calories of one peach. 
I suppose if you wanted to add sugar to the fruit, you could. You would still 
add So Much Less than you would get in bought ice cream or sorbet.
It comes with a recipe book and has banana creamy desserts, sorbets, and even 
a banan mint chocolate chip possibility.
I'm loving mine and very grateful to my friend who told me about it and then added
mine to her order. Yummy. And all you are eating is fresh fruit. 

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