Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Antelope Lake

Dean belongs to a fly-fishing club. Great group of people who fish together a lot. 
This Antelope Lake weekend is attended by a lot of spouses who visit, ride bikes,
hike, sit by the bay and read, and of course enjoy all the good food.

Setting up is hot work when it is 96 degrees. Phew. Dean was glad to sit.

The lake is beautiful and those clouds mean cooling showers.

Sunset after the storm

Dean heads out to fish - having no more luck than the other fishers but 
enjoying his solitude and atmosphere.

No bears, but lots and lots of chipmunks who are not the least bit afraid of humans.
Leave no packaged food sitting out - little teeth chew through Zip Locks easily.

Clouds gather on Saturday with thunder and lightning so the guys couldn't fish that afternoon.
Hail and lots of rain sent us to our communal feast early.

This is Trent. My mother's family name was Trent. We think we may be related.
The connection goes back to my great-great grandfather and thanks to a cousin who is
really good at this genealogy stuff, we think we have found it already.

Dean's contribution to the communal feast was fried zucchini. 
Superb as always. A Big Hit!!

Camp dinners need a camp fire ~

~ around which tired fishermen may sit and tell tall tales
of the ones that got away.

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