Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lunch at Neiman's with Memories

I grew up in Dallas and my mother taught me public manners by taking me to the original Neiman’s downtown for lunch at the Tea Room. Most of my clothes were bought behind the blue door, the entrance to the children’s department. Later I became a Neiman’s bride ~ with everything from dress to portrait to china and silver being from there. I remember when Neiman’s decided to have a store in the suburbs. What consternation! There would be more than One Neiman’s. Oh my. 

So when my neighbor said, have lunch in the Rotunda in Neiman’s I thought, well of course I should. And so I did. 

As I sat down, the five men at the table next to me were talking about mineral rights in Texas. More memories as I remembered so many conversations about those around my dining table. Now Daddy was present as well as Mom. 
View from my table.

Ceiling of the Rotunda.

 Lunch itself began with a wee cup of chicken consume’ and a fresh from the oven warm popover with strawberry butter, compliments of the house.

For me it was then followed by lobster bisque,

crab and shrimp louie salad 

and a bittersweet chocolate pot au creme.
Every bite was delicious and this dessert was Heaven. I was tempted by the chocolate chip cookie which arrives in a jewel box with recipe ~ there is a lot of history around that cookie. And I lived through it so decided on the pot au creme instead and was glad I did.
I wore the little orchid until I reached the first corner leaving the store and a gust of wind whipped it away. It was a nice addition to my black and white for a while. 
I wandered through the jewelry department on my way out. I had looked at clothes on my way in. All in all, a delightful trip down memory lane even though the store was in a different city and a different time.

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