Monday, July 21, 2014


We have been without major precipitation of any kind in the Tahoe area for a long time. We have very little snow last winter. No rain this spring. The water table has continued to drop and the lake levels are very low. And then came this last week. 

The rain we had won’t change a lot and at least it was continuous - meaning several hours at a time. After one day of really good rain at our house, we left to camp. There we had two afternoons of mountain thunder storms with lightning and hard fast rain and even some hail one day. We could only hope something similar was happening at home. 

We arrived home in the rain, this time a gentle, steady fall that continued through the night. Wonderful. Again - I doubt seriously that it will change much and water use restrictions will still be in place in California, and it cooled off the world, settled the dust, made garden watering unnecessary for a while, and released teeth that had been set on edge by the heat. Rain is an amazing, necessary commodity for the earth just as water is for the human body. The land has drunk deeply the last few days and we are grateful. 

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