Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What To Say?

What to say about Boston has been floating around in my head for a while. I posted a brief statement on FB mainly so people wouldn’t think I was ignoring the horror that struck that amazing city during one of its most delightful and exciting days. But what to Really say? 

I have read articles, blogs, FB posts and listened to reports and videos. Many are brilliant and impassioned. Can I add to those? Probably not. And here is what I do know. Boston is a place all its own. 

Boston belongs to all of us because it came into being just as this new country was being established. It was in Boston harbor that “Americans” first said NO to British rule and taxation without representation. Boston birthed the Adams family famous not only for the men like John and son John Quincy but also for feisty, outspoken Abigail (“Remember the women, John”). Boston gave this country its first school, library and subway system. 

Boston has a walking tour that is called The Freedom Trail because it takes you to place after place that holds tidbits of the creation of this country ~ the first time in history that a colony had broken with a mother country. 

Boston gave us the Marathon.

Nothing takes away the spirit of Boston. Nothing ~ from the minor irritations of years of work on the Big Dig to the terror of bombs and the death of innocents. And Boston’s spirit is the spirit of this country. We have our faults. We have not always been good and righteous and perfect. But, by golly, we try ~ harder than most. And Boston has always led the way and will continue to do so. Boston always wins. 

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