Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weight Watching

I have mentioned here before that Dean decided to be gluten-free, well, at least 80%. He has done it. It has done wonders for his knees, especially helping him ski. I decided to support him, especially as there are only the two of us and it makes grocery shopping easier. I've done ok, and absolutely no change has taken place in anything about me.

The other day I read an article: 5 Things You Should Know About Gluten. Good article. Number 5 was that gluten-free could cause you to gain weight. The focus of that statement was that when we go gluten-free, we tend to eat all the chips and crackers and other junk foods that some times have increased amounts of sodium and sugar. No problem, I thought. We don't eat a lot of chips and crackers anyway. And then I brought home chicken tenders.

These are thin sliced pieces of chicken breast and are easy to throw on the grill. We were thinking about dinner the other night and suddenly I thought: Fried Chicken! I haven't fried chicken in Ages. These would be so easy to do. And so I did ~ using gluten-free flour of course. I threw some veggies in to roast, popped the chicken in batter and flour and we were going to have fried chicken. Then Dean suggested Gravy! So when the chicken was done, he made gravy ~ using gluten-free flour of course. I should have taken a picture. Our plates were lovely. Chicken, gravy and bright roasted veggies. And how may calories do you think each plate contained??? LOL!!

#5 was right. Gluten-free can cause you to gain weight if you aren't really, really careful. The last of the tenders need to be grilled!

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