Friday, April 5, 2013

Cholesterol, Calories, Gluten, Oh My!

A photography blog had decided our morning’s outing: drive to Rhyolite and take pictures of ghost town lit by the rising sun; into Beatty to fill the car with gas and eat at Mel’s Diner; drive back to camp through Titus Canyon. After taking pictures, we followed the next step ~ finding the least expensive gas since we left Costco in Carson and then driving until we found Mel’s. I had just said to Dean, “I think we are looking for Mel’s but that sounds so TV that it may not be.” And there it was. One not very long room, eight tables, four busy servers and a chef who got it. 

Ordered hot tea -- and were brought good hot water and plain old Lipton. No Earl Grey at Mel’s. I am not an omelet fan so I asked for the veggie omelet but with the eggs scrambled instead. The server had a bit of a problem with that although she seemed to know what a scramble was. The chef evidently had no problem because I received a perfect veggie scramble and two huge pieces of wheat toast. Dean ordered eggs over easy, link sausages, and when asked if he would like toast or biscuits, he threw caution to the wind and had the biscuits. Wow -- three Huge biscuits covered (slathered?) with sausage gravy. I took one look and abandoned the wheat toast. Yum. We ate with gusto and enjoyment, even having more hot water to encourage a second cup from our Lipton Tea bags. 

If you are ever in Death Valley, the trip to Beatty is worth the 30 mile drive to get cheap gas, ice for $2 instead of $5, and breakfast worthy of a camper at Mel’s. 


Mike Christie said...

Referencing your title more than your actual post, I have long said that Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives must be on a triple dose of Lipitor and his doctor must be rolling his eyes. But you have to love places like Mel's. We found a few of them along 395 on our Eastern Sierra trip a few years ago.

Tahoe Mom said...

My favorite 395 place is Walker Burger ~ complete with hot fudge milk shakes. Unfortunately it is an outside place and so is closed between Halloween and Memorial Day. *sigh*