Monday, April 1, 2013

Maundy Thursday in the Desert

The world gathered at Zabriski Point to watch the sunset over the desert. I recognized French, German and Spanish. Based on the physical characteristics of the speakers, there was Hindi and Chinese, and at least two accents speaking English made me think Eastern European. I was very aware that it was Maundy Thursday and it was appropriate for the world to come to the desert. Scripture says Jesus went away to pray so there was a spiritual symbolism in being here this night and participating in the prayer vigil with my friends. 

The fire burns low. The stars cover the sky. The moon has not yet appeared although it will very soon. There is activity - bedtime in camp. Time for prayer and meditation. I have decided to just be quiet tonight and not listen to music other than the sounds of camp and the silence of the world around. 

~ looking back on my prayer time from 9 to 9:30, midnight to 12:30 in VA where the prayer vigil took place, I would have done something differently ~ or maybe the same. I usually listen to meditation music during this time. This night as I said, I decided to just be in my space. I either should have listened to music or driven out of camp to a road side and prayed there. The camp sounds were just a bit much even though I am usually capable of blocking out sound. I read the story from Luke of the processional into Jerusalem through the crucifixion. I prayed. Still . . . maybe I was expecting too much. 

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F G Belote said...

Beautiful trip! I plan to go there one day...I have been collecting special geog experiences and I want to add this one...I have wanted to for a long time. Some of them collected so far, are farthest South pt of land in the US, not counting Puerto Rico, Farthest West, Farthest North at Point Barrow, Alaska, and Farthest East. I have flown to 67,500 ft up, dived to 130 feet down, and I want to visit the lowest spot in America as soon as I can get there. Lovely narratives you compose to go with your pix. The pix are stunnning! Thanks, Tahoe Mom for sharing yourself with us in this way..Via con Dios. FB