Sunday, November 29, 2015

The First Sunday of Advent

My candles are in place, the Bible is open to a prophecy, and I have no idea what theme my Advent journey will take this year. Maybe I just let it be and see what happens. Pastor friend Kim Webster mentioned how crazy it is for Christians to anticipate and pray for peace and love and light in a world that is full of war, hate and darkness. And yet we do. That is what this Advent journey is all about, anticipating the birth of Light into a world of Darkness. I have never thought of it being a crazy journey but it is. Spiritually we travel these next four weeks with no assurances that there will be a place to stay when we get to the end. And certainly no palaces or cool hotel suites await us ~ only a back yard stable and the pain of birth. Never the less, we make the journey, somehow confident that at the end, Light will arrive and if necessary, we will make the journey all over again. Crazy? Yes. Amazing? Yes as well. Blessings on our way. 


Mike Christie said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Tahoe Mom!

Tahoe Mom said...

You're welcome, my friend. I know you are on this journey too. Blessings to us both -