Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Saga of the Pie

Several insights while baking this year's pecan pie for Thanksgiving. 
First, I think this may be the best pie I've baked for a while and as I have mentioned before, I think it is the upgraded technology in the kitchen. The oven is new and it just functions better than the 35 year old oven we had been using. Duh - I know. But wow - this pie is gorgeous and perfect. Some of the perfection started early though when the pie crust went together easily and rolled out well. So - a perfect Thanksgiving pecan pie. 

Secondly, we had a piece tonight. Several years ago I made pies on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and refused Dean a piece as the pies were for the next day. He became really upset and told me that was cruel and unusual punishment. So this year, because there are only three of us, we got a piece tonight and more tomorrow.

And thirdly, he made chicken pot pie filling for individual pies which we had for supper. Yum!!

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