Friday, November 6, 2015

Mindful Eating

Those of you who read this from FaceBook know that I have just gone through a bout of the stomach flu. I spent about 48 hours when my only food intake was water. Then I decided to try some beef broth. The taste of that simple broth was amazing. It’s warmth infused my body. There was a salty tang and a richness that under normal conditions I would not have noticed. That got me to thinking about noticing our food. 

Many of you post pictures of delicious meals you have prepared or ordered and so I know you enjoy your food. We all have those moments though when we grab a bite and keep running. And yet, even running bites deserve  to be tasted, even savored. We have taste buds for a reason: so we can and will enjoy our food. Given that this train of thought started with broth, I am thinking of simple tastes as well as elaborate gourmet meals:
~ the sweetness of morning cereal or danish contrasted with the crisp saltiness of the bacon
~ the way all the flavors in a salad stand out when tossed with just a touch of dressing
~ the coolness of ice cream as it melts across a warm piece of pie

The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of the mindfulness of eating and enjoying the taste of his milk and bread at breakfast. I enjoy my food. I eat slowly and with that enjoyment. Whether I continue to be as mindful of the tastiness of it all as I am today remains to be seen. For now, I am grateful for clean water and for the flavors that followed as I moved back into my normal eating patterns. Be mindful at your next meal. You may be delighted at what you discover. 

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