Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

I come to this Thanksgiving very concerned about my country and our loss of caring, compassion and respect for each other. Surely if we look closely enough, we can see Lady Liberty crying over our refusal to open our arms in welcome to the “huddled masses” of the world. 

And yet, I still come to this table giving grateful thanks for so much Light in spite of all the darkness that surrounds us. There are people and states who have laid out the welcome mat and said come in. Families of all faiths and cultures have gathered to share a meal and speak of love to one another. Volunteers have given time to staff tables and kitchens in homeless shelters and food pantries. Military personnel and their families have endured separation in a time when “harm’s way” can be anywhere. 

Churches and mosques and synagogues turn out whole congregations to support and protect and pray with each other when another is attacked or stricken or in peril. Hospital personnel are present, day after day, night after night, helping, healing, comforting. Parents hug their children, children hug their parents and eyes sparkle as bright lights and decorations begin to be displayed on lawns and trees. 

Why do we have to walk through this particularly dark valley right now? I have no idea. What I do know, and for which I am grateful today, is that we do not walk alone. We have each other. We have our faith, whatever that is. And, we do not stop and set up housekeeping in this place. The Light shall overcome this darkness. Terrorism shall fail. Fear will be dissipated and hope shall overcome. Random acts of kindness and very intentional acts of Love shall continue to spread through this world until one day we recognize that what holds us together is stronger than that which tries to separate us. In blessing and hope that we all grow in love ~ Happy Thanksgiving. 

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