Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Run Home to Mama 2

As I was preparing to write, I saw that my last blog had been about being the mother of an adult daughter. This is about being the grandmother of an adult grandson. "Run home to mama" is often the phrase my family uses when we revert to any skill or behavior we learned in the theatre. This week it became literal for me as I found myself back in time of life I thought was gone.

Grandson Kyle, who is almost 25, is living with us for a while. He is fun, capable, talented and to the point of this blog, a good driver. That trait allowed me to offer my 4-wheel drive car to him when the snow came and he had to go to class and work on the south shore. His car is big and heavy and 2-wheel drive. He has chains but 4-wheel drive is better.

And . . . most importantly, Kyle was raised in southern California. What does he know about driving in snow?

The storm came. Hard. Blowing snow limited visibility. Oh golly.

I had no concerns about my car. My concern was for Kyle and his facing all those others who may not know a lot more about driving in snow than he does. All I could do was ask him to please, please, text me when he got to class.

He did. Phew. And then let me know he was told not to come in to work because of the snow. I was very grateful to have him walk in the door about 7:15.

I'm fine now. He made it. He can do it. My cellular memory can return to its dormant state and I can go back to being Mama Susan who just happens to have a grandson living with her. For a while there though, I ran home to my earlier experience of being a mom when my daughters would drive around the country. Glad to back in the present.

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