Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thoughts When an Adult Daughter is Sick

Michelle is in the hospital. Her family has their own routine. I am recovering from the stomach flu so even if they needed me, I wouldn’t be with them. It is good to be able to let them go as it were and turn them over the care and keeping of the hospital staff and each other. 

What I realize though, as I wait for word of how she is doing “now”, is that a mother can just sit. Were I there, I would sit ~ over in a corner of the room with a book or crossword puzzle and just sit. If I was needed, I would be there. If Michelle wanted to talk, I would be there. If not, I would be there, just sitting. And that way I would know how she was doing and what was happening with every temperature or BP check. 

I guess I would tire of that eventually, and for now, from here, while I wait for word, I wish I was able to sit in a corner and do my waiting there. 

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