Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where is a Cop . . .?

You know how you say, “Where is a cop when we need one?” Well, I am here to tell you, in Quincy, CA when you have thrown a wheel on the camper you are pulling. We had driven by an officer following a CalTrans truck picking up cones and road work signs. After we threw the wheel, the CalTrans truck drove by and I wondered if the officer might just be following him. I turned around and there he was, pulling in behind us. He checked things over, called the tow truck, suggested Les Schwab, made a few other  good suggestions to Dean and was joined by another officer. 

Their conversation was interesting. I didn’t hear it all but the first thing I overheard was, “Oh, I put her in jail last week.” Other snippets included hopes that “she” would get help, get clean and do better. The tow truck arrived. Jake was very competent and went about his work - after some masculine chit chat because they hadn’t seen each other in what? All of 20 minutes? I love small towns. 

First officer left. Officer Connelly (I did remember to get his name) stayed with us until the camper was loaded and we all knew what we were doing. When I told him we lived in Tahoe City, he said he lived in Truckee and “we are neighbors.” We all departed the road side at the same time with expressions of gratitude on our part.

The good news: Les Schwab could repair the camper. The bad news: not last night. That was ok with me. I was ready to get home. We will return to Quincy in a day or two, have lunch at our favorite little restaurant there, and bring a well-repaired camper home. Last night we slept in our own bed thanks to the help of two cops who were right there when we needed them! 

And as we left Quincy, both officers were working an accident and Jake was climbing out of his tow truck again ~ all three where they needed to be. 

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