Monday, October 19, 2015

"I'm A Little Tea Pot . . "

I love tea pots. I have a number of them ~ some from foreign shores brought to me by traveling family. I also have one that I use most of the time so I don't shop for them any more. Except I had been browsing the thrift shops to find cups and saucers and tea pots for my daughter. I have been very successful so had slowed down that process. She only has so much shelf space.

Several weeks ago, I spotted this little gem and it said, very loudly, "I'm for Susan." So I brought it home. The little red tag is the strainer for the tea leaves. Cute and perfect.

Then while shopping for teas, I picked up loose leaf Lady Grey. Now I like Lady Grey but had never had it loose. So on a chilly afternoon, I put some Lady Grey in my little pot and brewed what turned out to be the perfect cup of tea. I add just a little sugar and a little evaporated milk (my compromise between milk and cream). Delicious! Perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that is still soothing and tasty. Add a piece of shortbread or a toasted scone and you can understand why the British invented afternoon tea.

Even in our busy world when there is no time to stop for traditional tea, there is something very comforting about Lady Grey brewed in my cozy little pot even if it is sipped while writing or folding laundry. And if I take time to sit and sip, the day is enhanced by beauty. 

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